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Using the K-W-L Method to Help Ensure Content Engagement in the Flipped Classroom

This Nearly 30 Year old Instructional Strategy can be Applied to Flipped Learning Content

Last week I wrote about Getting Students to Watch and Engage With Flipped Videos with Crystal Kirch’s WSQ Technique. This week I share another engagement technique I came across at the FlipCon14 conference last month.

The K-W-L technique (short for “Know, Want to Know, Learned”) is based on a chart concept developed by Donna Ogle in 1986. Active Learning and Teaching Methods for Key Stages 1 & 2, from Northern Ireland Curriculum, offers this insight into the technique (on page 44)

“This method can be used as an introductory strategy in order for pupils to document their present level of knowledge and what gaps may exist in that knowledge, to structure progress in their learning and to analyse what new information has been learned after research.”

Here we see an example of what a K-W-L chart can look like:

K-W-L- Chart example

The Active Learning and Teaching NIC resource (see link above) offers this example of a completed K-W-L chart:

K-W-L Example

K-W-L in the Flipped Classroom

This construct readily lends itself to engaging with flipped learning materials.

  • By requiring students to fill in the Know and Want to Know columns for a topic they will be learning more about through flipped materials, they will begin engaging with the topic immediately, and have their interest and curiosity increased.
  • Having them complete the “Learned” column after consuming the materials allows them to begin constructing their own learning (and provides a requirement that encourages them to watch, listen, read, the learning material!).
  • The Learned column can then form the basis of an in-class review on the following day.

Learn more about K-W-L on this page from the National Education Association.

If you are using the K-W-L technique in the flipped classroom or for other blended or digital learning, please tell us a bit about your experience!


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