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The Flipped Classroom Continues to Grow, Surpassing Other Digital Learning “Trends”

Adding to the 2014 Horizon Report’s claim that the Flipped Classroom will see widespread adoption this year and next, we now have The Journal reporting that according to a recent survey of more than 403,000 K-12 students, parents, teachers, administrators and community members in the fall of 2013, “a quarter of administrators identified flipped learning as having a major effect on teaching and learning, compared to only 21 percent who identified educational games and mobile apps and 19 percent who identified professional learning communities for educators has having a significant effect.”

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The Journal is one of the web’s most respected education technology news resources. The survey results being quoted come from a white paper produced by Project Tomorrow and the Flipped Learning Network. The white paper can be found here: Speak Up 2013 National Research Project Findings A second year review of flipped learning.

Flipped teaching and learning is undeniably a key movement in modern education. This form of blended learning is taking root and spreading. In this recent video, “Flipped Classroom – The (1 Minute) Movie” (below), we see how the news media is sharing new stories just about every day now, showing how the flipped classroom is being rolled out in schools and classrooms across the world. Maybe someday soon it will graduate from “trend” status to being accepted as a reality of the modern day classroom, that not only isn’t going away (as many trends will), but is instead expanding and evolving and becoming the norm.

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