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Teachers Share Their Love for LessonPaths, Blendspace (for Creating Easy, Awesome Lesson Content)

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Lots of Great Feedback About Blendspace and LessonsPaths in the Try-a-Tool-a-Week Challenge!

Last spring over on EmergingEdTech, we ran a “Try-a-Tool-a-Week” Challenge. Hundreds of educators  signed up to receive a weekly email with a quick video introducing them to a cool free web application they could use in their classroom.

The Week 3 “Tool” was actually a 2-for-1 deal! We looked at LessonPaths and Blendspace. We’ve written about these tools before, but it’s always informative and fun to hear teachers and technologists share their observations, in their own words.

Here’s what teachers are saying about these powerful free applications that are great for creating Lesson Content using web resources and your own digital content!

“I tried Blendspace, and it was so easy to put together resources for a unit. I liked that as soon as I typed the lesson title, I had videos to choose from. I liked the layout (and appreciated that I could choose different grid options). My students liked that all of the resources were in one place.

“I created lessons on both sites. I think it would be useful for flipping the classroom. I liked them equally. I spent more time on LessonPaths and I like the browse feature. Since I made my lesson private, I was not provided a URL link but did get an embed code. With Blendspace, the searching bar feature was useful. Can you create a lesson with more that 6 panes or is that the max? I will do a workshop on both of these tools with my staff next month.” – Janelle

I will definitely pass this web resource on for our teachers, especially those who don’t have a dedicated website, or for those who are curating materials for a particular project or unit of study. (I asked my students what they thought, and they said they liked the idea, but one student said, “Isn’t this an extra step for you? You’re website is pretty organized and already provides these resources.”)” – K. Laster

“I am using both LessonPaths and Blendspace as a means to introduce students to specific eras in history. They can use the lessons I have created to get a “crash course” in the specific era, or as a means to review for a test on the material. Each lesson hits the high points of an era, or why the era occurred. I will definitely be using them in the future to introduce material to students. They are both relatively easy to use, but Blendspace’s learning curve is much higher. The ability to search from the lesson you are making is amazing. I was able to find and add material faster than with LessonPaths. I do like having a Google Chrome extension for LessonPaths. It does make it easy to add something I find on the web to a lesson, or start a lesson with it.”
– N. Edwards

“I learned of these tools during one Kelly’s online workshops and have found several that I’ve been able to use in my classes with little tweaking. This week I created my own Blendspace lesson for a dual enrollment English class. I like how smoothy I can integrate videos from YouTube and filed from my computer.” – Alice

“Both Blendspace and Learnpaths are versatile tools for teachers. They are time and work saving over other platforms that can store content.

There is no preference between the two for me. I may use one and not the other depending on what my circle of educators use most as it will be easier to share.

One thing I really like on both platforms is that it is very easy to upload content and the first screen of the resources comes up automatically making it easy for users to know which resources they are choosing and using.

One problem that I presume to encounter is that educators do not like to share very much and perhaps they will not use the platforms for that particular reason.” – C. Degabriele

“This were 2 really good tools I did not know about. Of the two Blended space was the best! What a simple solution to delivering concise and structure information to the students or collaboration in projects with colleagues.” – M. Berrios

“I love both of these resources! Such a great way to create a little more interest into a class lesson. The students enjoy interacting with lesson. I enjoy creating the lessons!” – C. Gebbia

“My post is a tale of two cities. Aesthetically and for ease of use blend space wins hands down in my opinion. I particularly like the tool bar on the right side of the screen… Extremely user friendly. However, after putting together my lesson to my dismay I found out that the sight is not very iPad user friendly… Plenty of glitches and frustrations were to be had and I was not prepared to ensure the experience.

On the flip side the lesson paths I terface whilst being less aesthetically pleasing and whilst still user friendly did not surpass blend space was nonetheless very iPad user friendly.

In a world where the ability for a app to be user friendly to multiple interfaces, such as Kahoot, I believe that any app really worth its salt needs to be able to cater flexibly for the demands of the hardware different educational institutions have access to.” – R. Brummer

“I’ve tried them both out. I like the look and feel of blendspace more but the functionality of lessonpaths is more useful to me. Being able to add a pop quiz with restricted advancement in lessonpaths is very handy (questions can only be multiple choice or true/false). I like the progress tracking in lessonpaths. I also like having the ability to add questions following videos. Although being very linear, in the end I give lessonpaths a higher score. I also recommend TeEd which is limited to videos but is very slick.” – Bobbi

If you’re not already familiar with LessonPaths or Blendspace, these “3 Minute Teaching With Technology Tutorial” Videos will provide a quick introduction to each!



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