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Survey Delivers “Overwhelmingly Positive Response” to Flipped Learning

Much thanks to Dave Guymon for his recent article, “Is Flipped Learning Really that Effective? You Might Be Surprised“. In it he shares findings from, Speak Up 2013 National Research Project Findings: A second year review of flipped learning, a white paper recently released by Project Tomorrow in conjunction with the Flipped Learning Network. We’ve written about encouraging results from this survey here before, but Guymon sheds more light on some of the reports findings.Flipped Class Guymon

Among his observations …

  • “In the fall of 2013, over 403,000 students, parents, teachers, and administrators were administered the 11th annual Speak Up online surveys asking them questions about their feelings on flipped learning and the use of videos in the classroom. The general consensus among all groups of participants is that flipped learning can be a valuable and innovative instructional strategy.”
  • “Of the more than 180,000 middle and high school students who shared their thoughts in the Speak Up 2013 surveys, ‘almost three-quarters of these students agree that flipped learning would be a good way for them to learn, with 32 percent of those students strongly agreeing with that idea.'”
  • The insights of the Speak Up 2013 surveys even have administrators looking at pre-service teaching programs as well. 41 percent of the school principals surveyed agreed that ‘pre-service teachers should learn how to set up a flipped learning class model.'”
  • “Of note is participants’ desires to flip instruction correctly. Those surveyed acknowledged that ‘they need more training to do this effectively.'”

Further evidence that education is ripe for widespread adoption!

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