Summer 2016 Online Flipped Classroom Workshop


We’re going to have fun and learn a lot!

Here’s how the workshop will run:

  • Prior to the start of the workshop (i.e. by 7/3): Please participate in the “Introductions” Discussion Forum (below)
  • Each Week:
      • Access that Week’s web page (the URL will be sent to you via email) and watch the video introduction to the week’s material
      • Read and watch the learning materials provided
      • Complete the Reflective Discussion Post Exercise for that week
      • Complete the Assignment for the Week and Submit it to
      • Optional: There will be materials provided for those who wish to take a “Deeper Dive” into the subject matter

    Each week’s materials will be provided on Sunday, with the intention that the work be completed by the following Sunday (there is a little overlap here on purpose).

  • The final assignment for the workshop will be pulling everything together into a final plan (a structured outline will be provided), which you will email to me.
  • Continue your flipped teaching learning journey after we finish the workshop, with the many other resources and the Flipped Classroom Workshop-in-a-Book!

Completion Requirements

The assignments are all credit/no credit (there are no grades assigned). If an assignment has not been satisfactorily completed, I will let you know and explain what needs to be done to complete it.

An extended time will be allowed at the end of the course for participants to catch up and submit any outstanding work. Participants who complete all assignments satisfactorily by August 10th (two weeks after the formal workshop ends) will be sent a Certificate of Completion.

Course Calendar

The weeks basically run from Sunday to Sunday, which might seem sort of odd, but my goal is to provide materials for the coming week on the weekend and provide through the end of the following weekend to complete them.

  • Pre-Week & Introductions: Jun 26 – Jul 3
  • Week 1: Jul 3 – Jul 9
  • July 9 or 10 (date & time TBD): Online Meeting (Video Conference Call) – Get to know each other, ask questions, etc.
  • Week 2: Jul 10 – Jul 16
  • Week 3: Jul 17 – Jul 23
  • Week 4: Jul 24 – Jul 30
  • Deadline for submission of all materials: Aug 14

Online Meeting (Video/Audio Discussion)

We will have an online synchronous discussion in the first week or so of the workshop, using a video web conference. Course participants will be sent an invite. There is no account required for this, and you can participate from a computer, tablet, smart phone using video or audio, or a land line (audio only). This will be an opportunity to discuss what we learned in Week 1, ask questions, and chat about the flipped classroom and the workshop. The call will be recorded so that workshop participants can view it afterwards.

I will send out a quick poll to workshop participants during week 1 to determine whether Saturday or Sunday is preferred and which time will work best to get the most participants.

“Introductions” Discussion Forum

Please Click Here to Open the Introductions Discussion Forum

Note that you will have to confirm a random “validation” code each time you post (this helps keep Nabble free from programmatic spam). After you open the discussion forum site and enter your discussion input, look for the box in the lower left corner of the screen that looks like this: Nabble-Code (I’ve completed this example).