Summer 2016 Flipped Class Workshop WEEK 4

Overcoming Obstacles and Objections & Polishing Your Plan

Learning Objectives for Week 4

After completing this module of the workshop, you should be able to …

  • Leverage a variety of approaches to ensure that all of your students have access to digital learning content
  • Demonstrate familiarity with a number of flipped teaching and learning obstacles and objections, and ways to deal with them
  • Deliver a final plan for introducing or improving on your personal approach to flipping your classroom

Read …

For week 4, we read about challenges and obstacles to overcome when flipping the classroom … students with limited Internet access, common criticisms, etc. I also share some templates for Parent Letters, which can be helpful in the flipped K-12 classroom.

Parent Letter Templates


Section 3 of the Flipped Classroom Workshop-in-a-Book contains resources for finding good content, and resources for continuing your flipped teaching and learning journey. I hope you will put these resources to good use! Of course, one I want to be sure to add is

Reflective post for Week 4

Open the Week 4 Discussion Forum (click here) and post your response to this question:

What obstacles do you think are going to be most challenging for you and what is your plan to deal with them?

You know the drill – please read and respond to two other participant’s postings.

Final Assignment – Finalize Your ‘Launch’ Plan!

In Week 1, we wrote a rough draft of sorts of our plan to start implementing the flip, or take work we have already done to a new level. The assignment for Week 4 is to update that plan and make sure you’ve considered essential things, and incorporated what you’ve learn throughout this workshop.

Your updated plan should be in outline format and should address the requirements/questions posed below. Note that the questions from Week 1 are in here, and more based on what we have learned since. I have created an outline in a Word Document to make this easier – click here to access this pre-formatted outline document.

  • Creating Lesson Content
    • What existing materials, that you have already created, might you “flip”?
    • What content that others have created might you use?
    • What parts of your course will you flip initially? One or two lessons? A few modules? Every other week? You need to seriously consider how much of your class or courses will be flipped the first time you do it, and how you will evolve this over time. If you are already flipping, will you be expanding on it, and if so, how?
  • Delivering Content
    • On what platform will your learning content be delivered?
    • What do you need to do to be prepared to deliver your content this way?
  • Content Consumption Considerations
    • What steps will you take to help ensure that students engage with the digital learning materials they are to consume (typically) outside of the classroom?
    • What will you do to identify and provide for students who might have occasional or ongoing issues accessing flipped learning content?
  • Using Class Time
    • What percentage of class time do you think you will free up through flipped instruction? Flipping does not, and really should not be about a 100% reversal of the content delivery and ‘homework’ model … it should open the door to a more fun and engaging learning approach. You need to really think about how much content you deliver outside of class and in turn, how much class time that will free up and how you will use it, on average. Then think about how this might evolve over time.
    • How will you use the class the time that you’ve freed up? This can take some significant planning as you push for learning content outside of class. Remember, you can ease into it. Start somewhere and iterate.
  • Overcoming Obstacles
    • What obstacles do you think are going to be most challenging for you and are you prepared to address them?

Email your completed Final Assignment to me at I would love to have this by July 31st, but if it takes a few weeks longer to wrap it up, that’s fine. I will start sending out Certificates of Completion around August 13th or 14th (and reach out to those who have not completed the majority of work to touch base).

A Deeper Dive – Resources for Further Exploration (optional)

These resources provide additional insights into pedagogy, Mastery Learning, and Best Practices for flipped teaching and learning. Enjoy!