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Socrative – Great for Knowledge Checks, Polls and Post-Assessments

Dozens of Educators Offer Insights Into why They Love This Fantastic Free Student Response System

This month, and on through the April and may, we’re running a “Try-a-Tool-a-Week” Challenge over on EmergingEdTech. Our first week’s tool was Socrative. The response has been pretty awesome.


If you don’t know Socrative, you’re missing an powerful free web app that is excellent for assessing student’s comprehension of learning content, and for fun in-class engagement. It’s easy to use and students can participate from just about any device with an Internet connection!

Here is a brief selection of feedback offered about this powerful software over on the Week 1 Challenge web page:

“I discovered Socrative last year and have been using it with my second grade students several different ways. I have found that Socrative is great for knowledge checks, polls and post-assessments. This amazing tool has allowed me to quickly check for student understanding, while pinpointing students that might need further instruction. Using the data, I can then provide remediation to students that need individualized instruction. Having the ability to measure and collect student growth in a more engaging way is a plus in my book!”

“I have used Socrative for several years now and my kids love it because it is interactive, can work as a team, don’t feel like they are taking a QUIZ and I get immediate feedback! Glad you are getting the word out there!”

“I teach one cohort that uses iPads. I’ve been meaning to try socrative but thanks to the tedious nature of some if previous prototypes out there I have been reluctant to invest in the time. Thanks to this challenge I see what a simple interface it is. Other than the obvious pre making of quizzes, I like the two styles of questions that do not require preparation. The exit slips and the oral MC and TF. This means socrative can be used spur of the moment. Fantastic.

I was so impressed with it that I tried in with my regular classes… Thanks to wifi in our school and most kids having a smart phone, this was possible. Even those that did not have a phone, I was able to project the questions on the board and they were able to participate too.

The students were so engaged! More so than a written assignment or test. I also put the answers on the board (names hidden of course) for discussion. Wow! What a great discussion it was! Usually I do this question answer kind of interaction with my students orally or privately on paper… This way I was able to discuss the importance of using concise language to explain an idea. A difficult topic (chem 11 intro to quantum theory and periodic trends), the interface was very effective in illustrating the fact that while you may understand what is being said by the teacher, re telling the same facts is not always so easy!”

“Socrative is one of my favorite formative assessment tools, and I have used it with my students and with our faculty. I teach pre-AP pre-calculus, so I love that I can upload images (graphs and complex equations) and use subscripts/superscripts. This week, I used Socrative as a test review, and my students worked with partners on “sample” test questions (with feedback enabled). The students appreciated the opportunity to work at their own pace, discuss answers with their neighbors, and receive immediate feedback. Not all of my students have their own device, but when we use Socrative, I just have students type both names into the 1st question. Kahoot is also a great way to review, but using Socrative this week made the studying a bit more “serious” (which was necessary for our pre-spring break excitement!) ;)

I also love the exit ticket option, and it’s a great, easy way to end class and get one last closure question into the lesson!

For our faculty, I’ve used Socrative as a pre-assessment for professional development, but I think there is a limit of only 50 participants at a time, so teachers had work together and submit as a group, which was not a problem.”

“I use Socrative for quick assessments. I like the immediate feedback and ability to warn the students to read questions carefully. Some students do not like to know if they got it right or wrong. I found that a bit curious. In trying to get more information, it seemed like it was a confirmation that they really were not prepared. That was a great “Aha” moment for student and myself!”

“As an Instructional Technologist in higher ed, this isn’t a tool I’ll actively use but will promote in a pedagogical support role. I like the anonymity which allows for honest responses and an overall feel for student comprehension. I’m intrigued by the possibilities for “short answer” such as brainstorming and presentation review by peers.”

Check out the Challenge Week 1 web page to access all of the educator feedback (50 comments and climbing!), and check Socrative out for yourself soon!

By the way, much thanks to Christi Collins, who left the comment that I used to write the title of this post!


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