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Resources and Strategies for Flipping the Music Classroom

In celebration of my fun new “12 Days of Ed Tech” rap and video, this week on we’re sharing articles and resources focused on flipping the music classroom!

This selection of posts and presentations offers an array of ideas and insights into moving the traditional approach to music teaching into a new, more student-driven learning paradigm.


Strategies for Flipped Music Classrooms

In this post, music teacher Mark Burke discusses a practical approach to flipping music instruction. Music class has always had a somewhat flipped nature, with students often learning (or struggling to learn) new pieces at home and then demonstrating them to the teacher in class and being critiqued. This model presents some challenges, and Burke’s idea for flipping these lessons offers an interesting way to evolve it.

Edmodo: Flipping the music classroom

There’s a lot going on in this Prezi, created by Peter Burke. First, he offers ideas (in bulleted format) for how flipped instruction can change our approach to teaching music. Then he shows how Edmodo can be used as a platform for student engagement in the digitally-enabled classroom (contrasting it t0 Facebook in the process). Finally, he suggests a variety of digital tools and techniques for teaching and learning music theory, practice, testing, and interaction.

Click on ‘Start Prezi’ to have a look!

Flipping The Music Education Classroom

In this brief post, Chris Chadwell gets readers thinking about how to effectively move the music classroom to more of a student-driven model. For example, rather than having a student start a lesson by launching into predetermined warm-ups and exercises, ask them what they think they need to work on. This simple technique requires the student to analyze their own learning, and encourages taking a more self-directed approach.

Flipping the Recorder Class

Ahh, the recorder … starting point for musical exploration for countless school children for decades. Cherie Herring has bought a new twist to this old tale by having parents video students at home while playing, enabling student who have mastered a given “belt in recorder karate” to move on to new skills development. Herring offers a detailed explanation of how she uses video and email to flip her recorder classes, including examples and tips for organizing your approach.

21st Century Music Classroom on Pinterest

This Pinterest Board, by “music technology in education trainer” Katie Wardrobe, provides a wealth of resources for further exploration of the flipped classroom and the use of technology in music instruction.

I hope you find these resources to be helpful. Do you know of other good resources for learning about flipping music instruction? We love to hear about other teacher’s experiences, questions, and different tools and techniques, so please feel encouraged to drop a comment and share!

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