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PowToon – a Powerful Free Tool for Creating Awesome Animated Presentations

I am a huge fan of PowToon. If you haven’t check out PowToon, you don’t know what you’re missing.

I created this video with PowToon, for free:

PowToon can be a great teaching tool, letting you create fun, unique animated presentations. It can also provide students a unique platform for creating presentations as well, which can be a great tool in a Project Based Learning or other type of Active Learning classroom environment.

PowToon can certainly be a fun addition to the Flipped Classroom. Use it to create an introduction to a concept or deliver some learning content. It can also be a fun way to create an introduction to the flipped classroom for parents! Additionally, it can serve a role in an assignment or project for students. For example, I had students in an Emerging Technologies course select from various presentation tools to create a presentation focused on the importance of 21st Century Skills in the modern workplace, and some used PowToon (and loved it!).

The process for creating PowToon presentations is basically as follows:

1. Create an Account

2. “Select an Awesome Template” that aligns reasonably well with your presentation: There are a bunch of templates to choose from. You’ll be able to do a lot with it (add or remove slides, change text and images, etc.) so don’t get too caught up in finding a ‘perfect’ template, just find one that looks like it can work for you topic. As you mouse over the templates offered, the various slides in it will animate for you. As you’ll notice, there are quite a few education focused templates. (Once you’ve used PowToon at least once, you’ll have a much better understanding of how the templates can be evolved into a finished product).

3. Edit the selected Template to create your presentation: Edit and move text boxes, add visual elements, etc., to turn your template into the presentation you desire. You can move text, change the timing of when each element appears, add or remove animations and objects, and so on. They’ve really made it easy to be able to make a template your own with the tools provided. It will take some time (a spent about an hour and half on the one above), but the results are so worth it!

4. Save it and publish it! You can share PowToons in a number of ways. You can let them play straight from the PowToon web site (they can be shared via links or embedded). You can also export them to YouTube or to an MP4 and share them that way.

Have fun! And please be sure to stop back and share a link to your PowToon here as a Comment! Thanks.

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