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Over 70 Reasons Why you Should Flip Your Classroom!

Here are Plenty of Reasons why you Need to Give this Instructional Technique a Try

These articles provide so many great reasons to consider implementing flipped teaching and learning in your classroom.

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There may be some overlap in ideas here, but the bottom line is that flipped instruction is catching on because it offers so many advantages for student learning. This grassroots movement is bigger every day, in classrooms everywhere, teaching every subject, at every level!

10 reasons to flip your classroom from Sophia.org:

8 Great Reasons to Flip Your Classroom (and 4 of the Wrong Reasons):

TopHat offers these “7 Reasons to Flip Your Classroom”:

And here we have “THREE REASONS TO FLIP YOUR CLASSROOM” from Helaine Marshall (read more about Helaine’s work with flipping the online classroom in this article):

I also just read that the 2015 Horizon Report is going to include Flipped Learning as one of it’s two instructional uses of technology positioned for widespread adoption this year and next (it was also included in the 2014 Horizon Report).

And here are 40 more reasons to consider giving the flip a try – 40+ articles about schools and teachers that are flipping instruction in their classroom!

Granted, just because someone else is doing something doesn’t mean you should (remember Mom asking, “If Suzie jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?”). But surely the fact that so many schools and classrooms are exploring flipped instruction counts for something. They are trying it because it just makes sense.

The Flipped Classroom is Everywhere! Are you ready to take flipped teaching and learning for a spin? What are you waiting for?

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