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Newsela – An Excellent Alternative for Flipped Learning Content

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Flipped Digital Content at 5 Different Reading Levels

Many teachers using flipped classroom techniques tend towards video materials as a primary means of providing learning content, but video is by no means the only way to go. For example, how about assigning carefully crafted online articles for reading to introduce or further explore a learning topic? Even better, suppose those articles are available at different reading levels, so your students can read them at a level appropriate for their grade and skill level? And how about a built-in quiz to assess comprehension?

Newsela is both simple and elegant in concept – delivering relevant content from numerous resources, each written at multiple Lexile levels so that students across the spectrum of Elementary through High School grades and beyond can read them, no matter what level they are reading at. Add in tools to enable students and teachers to assess their skills and work to improve comprehension, and you’ve got the makings of a powerful tool.

The 3 Minute Teaching ‘Tool-torial’ offers a quick introduction to Newsela:

Reading is (Still) Fundamental

Many educators lament students’ increasing reluctance to read. While we shouldn’t stick our heads in the proverbial sand and ignore the popularity of video, we should also look for opportunities to incorporate reading into our learning content delivery. Newsela provides a great means for doing so, regardless of whether we are teaching purely “face-to-face”, in a blended environment, or in the flipped classroom.

We’ve written an article exploring Newsela in more depth over at EmergingEdTech.com, so if we’ve piqued your interest, click on over to “Newsela – Robust Education Technology for Reading Comprehension Skills Development” to learn more about it!

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