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Love this ‘Flipped Classroom Explained’ Infographic from coetail.com

This Infographic Says a lot About the Flipped Classroom in one Well Constructed Image.

Today I came across the article, The Definition of the Flipped Classroom on Teachthought.com, and it included the graphic below. The article is very good, but the image really grabbed my attention. This image manages to convey a lot about flipped teaching and learning in a concise manner. I particularly appreciate the “S I M P L E” acronym that provides these great tips about how to make good videos (Short, Interesting, Meaningful, Planned, Learning, Exciting). Nice work by Sanne Bloemarts, who originally published this here: http://www.coetail.com/educationjourney/2012/11/14/infographic-flipped-classroom/.

Don’t you just love how the Internet enables creative thinkers and educators like Sanne to share their ideas so easily, and have them spread through reposts like this one? Do you have some flipped classroom graphics you would like to share? Please tell us about them!

flipped class explained infographic from coetail.com

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