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Flipped Teaching and Learning News and Resource Wrap for July 2014

News Stories, Tools, Resources, and Tips for Flipped Teaching and Active Learning

Flipped Classroom News Resources

Flip This Classroom: Shaking Up Learning at One Texas School

The 5 Best Things I’ve Learned in 5 Years of Being EmergingEdTech

3 Min. Teaching w/Tech Vid: Using Movenote for Video Lesson Content

3 Min. Teaching w/Tech Vid – Assemble Digital Lessons w/Ease Using LessonPaths

3 Min Teaching w/Tech Vid: REMIND, Free App for Texting TO Students

MWHS math teacher using ‘flipped classes’ to bring tech & innovation into instruction

“… so excited about the growth of flipped learning” K. Walsh Interview

27 Ways To Promote Intrinsic Motivation In The Classroom

“people hear … ‘flipped’ and are put off … if they knew what happens in these classrooms now.”

20 Excellent Free Tools for Interactive Classroom Collaboration

5 Great Tips for Putting the Power Back in Your PPT Presentations

Flip, blend and serve up a more enticing education through technology

Kahoot is a Fun Free Game-Based Classroom Response System

22 Of The Newest Apps To Make Videos In The Classroom

Newsela. Daily News Articles Customized @ 5 Diff. Reading Levels

Enabling Students to Take Ownership of Learning – 1 Teacher’s Approach


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