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Flipped Teaching and Learning News and Resource Wrap (04-19-14)

In This new Regular Feature, We’ll Share Recent Flipped Class News Stories and Resources

Much as I have been doing for years on EmergingEdTech with our weekly “Tweet Wrap” series, I figured it made sense to roll up recent flipped class news articles that I’ve shared on the Flipped Classroom Workshop and eBook Facebook page and share them with blog readers. Here’s our first post in this fun new series! These news stories were published on web media outlets across the US over the last couple of weeks.

Putnam City North students learn in ‘flipped’ classrooms:

Next Gen Education: Technology ‘flipping’ and connecting classrooms:

The Problem With Flipped Classrooms: Teachers Shoot Lousy Video:

Greenwich educators flip for new teaching method:

More time for teachers to work with students in class:

Mackenzie Middle School making changes, seeing improvements:

Making a flipped class video:

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