Flipped Class Professional Development Opportunities

Flipped Classroom Presentations by K. Walsh at Upcoming Education Technology Conferences

I’ll be presenting a variety of breakout sessions at conferences this spring and summer. It sure would be great to see YOU there!

NERCOMP Annual Conference

NERCOMP annual conference

WHEN: Match 24 – 26

WHERE: Providence, Rhode Island

CONFERENCE LINK: http://www.educause.edu/nercomp-conference/2014

My Session: Getting Started with Flipped Instruction at Your Institution

I have the pleasure of co-presenting this session with David Gannon, Associate Director of Academic Computing & Media Services at Bryant University. We’ll take a look at lots of reasons to flip your classroom, share some specific techniques to employ, and examine empirical evidence supporting the success of the practice.

UB Tech 2104

UBTech 2014

WHEN: June 16 – 18

WHERE: Las Vegas, NV

CONFERENCE LINK: http://ubtechconference.com

My Session: Flipped Classroom Success Stories (and How to Make Yours Happen!)

In this session, participants will learn the fundamentals they need to keep in mind for successful introduction of flipped classroom techniques, and examine numerous measured flipped instruction successes.

FlipCon 14flipcon logo

WHEN: June 23 – 25

WHERE: (near) Pittsburgh, PA

CONFERENCE LINK: http://www.flippedlearning.org/flipcon14

My Session: Beyond Screencasting: Alternative (Free) Tools for Creating & Customizing Flipped Learning Content

In this session, we’ll examine the basic functionality of a handful of free Web apps for creating and customizing flipped learning content, consider examples of how they can be used in the flipped classroom, and review some of the unique capabilities that each app has to offer. We will also discuss participant’s experiences with these tools and strive to get a sense of which of them the group considers the most beneficial for flipped teaching and learning. Applications to be examined include: Metta.io, Ed.ted.com, Lessonpaths.com, Movenote.com, Tackk.com, and others.

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  • I have been overwhelmed looking at all of the different options for hosting my videos! I’m stuck on this point and it’s preventing me from getting much done. Some of the sites that I’ve looked at and that appear to be nice are:
    crazyforeducation <– cons: basic, just a web hosting site not a complete class site
    pros: simple, automatically includes a digital note card (essentially a WSQ) with every video, can add questions to go along with the videos

    sophia: cons: if you use their screen recorder and anything goes wrong you've got to start all over, again just a web hosting site not a complete class site.
    pros: sleek design; easy quiz builder

    weebly: cons: steeper learning curve because it has a lot of features
    pros: a complete class site

    class sites: same as weebly

    Any thoughts? Please help because this is driving me crazy!

    • Hi K. Witt – Weebly can be a great way to get started. I would also suggest considering Edmodo, an excellent free LMS-like tool that is extremely popular with K-12. You’ll need to sign up for an account (edmodo.com) and get started. There is also a learning curve for Edmodo, but there are lots of good help resources available. This video shows you how to embed a video in Edmodo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KuHXJKCmEPw. Give it a shot and reach out if you have more questions!

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