Flipped Class Professional Development Opportunities

REGISTRATION for the Fall 2014 Flipped Classroom Online Training Workshop IS NOW OPEN

This workshop can help get you up and running with Flipped Teaching and Learning or help you take your flipped instruction up a notch

Come Learn – Explore – Apply With Us
October 5th – November 2nd

This immersive learning experience is great for educators looking for a structured approach to professional development, with the opportunity to interact and share with a community of like-minded peers.

ACCESS THE WORKSHOP SIGN UP PAGE HERE to learn more the workshop, read about learning objectives and how it works, and register.

Check out what recent workshop participants said when asked …

“What did you like best about this workshop?”

“The resources that I now have to solve many of the road blocks I was having.”

“Networking with the other participants”

“The wealth of information provided about flipping classes – articles, websites, technology, and the online book … the right pace and amount of work assigned for a summer learning experience.”

“The feedback from Kelly and from classmates; this helped me to focus on my techniques for “flipping” and for experimenting with new techniques and tools.”

“The workshop exceeded my expectations. I learned about so many resources and techniques to use for flipping content. Thanks Kelly for providing this experience.”

Please come and join Kelly and other educators embrace the possibilities that come with flipped teaching and learning!


Click here to open the workshop page, learn more, and sign up

Flipped Class Workshop Training Professional Development

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