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Exploring The Bergmann & Sams School of Flipped Learning

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Much Thanks to These Gurus of the Flip!
Flipped Class Masters Jon Bergmann & Aaron Sams

Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams are widely recognized as flipped classroom pioneers. These two humble high school teachers have had a tremendous impact on the grassroots spread of this powerful teaching methodology.

Bergmann and Sams’ published work has been a tremendous motivator for me personally – they convinced me long ago that this was a use of technology that could truly impact learning outcomes, and their work nurtured my learning and professional growth as I headed down that path.

If you want to get to know the flipped classroom, Jon and Aaron have produced a wealth of excellent content on the subject. Anyone looking to build on their knowledge of flipped teaching and learning will do well to avail themselves of the body of materials and opportunities that they have produced and continue to provide.

Here is a selection of flipped learning professional development resources and events that Sams and Bergmann have published, or are planning as upcoming events. Have fun exploring!


What’s the best use of your valuable face-to-face time in the classroom? That’s the key to the flipped classroom. Here, let Jon explain:


Jon has created a lot of videos that have been published on a wide variety of sites. Aaron has been busy too! In this recent video, he explains how the flipped classroom helped lead him down the student-centered road to Mastery Learning, Inquiry Learning, and Project Base Learning. I love his admonition, “let go of some of the control and … students will really amaze you.”


Here are 5 more great short videos that give helpful perspective and insights to various aspects of flipped teaching and learning:

5 New Videos About Flipped Learning from Bergmann & Sams



Jon and Aaron have written lots of articles as well, and they can be found scattered around the Web in many places, but Jon also maintains this blog where he regularly publishes. Here’s an example of a recent article where Jon shows how to set up an easy workflow for providing quick video feedback to students – this is designed specifically for GAFE schools.

Aaron Sams also maintains a web site and blog. (Aaron is not quite as prolific as Jon and more of his posts are reflective and not necessarily focused on flipped learning).

Jon and Aaron have also set up the site FlippedClass.com, but don’t really seem to be doing much with it yet.


Jon and Aaron created FlipCon and have been running these ever expanding conferences for 8+ years now. I attended FlipCon 2014, along with about 700 others I believe (roughly half in person and half online). It was a great experience (I wrote this post about Molly Schroeder’s great Keynote)!

Jon and Aaron have now gone world wide with these conferences. These upcoming conferences are scheduled:

  • FlipCon UK: March 23-24, 2016 at the Shireland Collegiate Academy, Smethwick, West Midlands
  • FlipCon Spain: May 6-8, 2016
  • FlipCon 16: July 19 – 21, 2016 in Allen, Texas
  • FlipCon Australia: October 23-24, 2016 at Saint Stephen’s College, Coomera, QLD


Thanks again to these hard working, dedicated teaching professionals and the difference they have helped thousands of teachers make in untold numbers of student’s educational experience and lives!

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