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8 Great Free Flipped Classroom Resources

These Resources and Applications Make Excellent Additions to Your Flipped Instruction Tools Set

ed.ted.com: This cool tool lets you take any video on YouTube and deliver it in a private mode to whoever you choose to share it with, but its real power comes from the ability to create a quiz, supporting links, and “dig deeper” content that you can associate with the video (you can review the responses online).

Screencast-O-Matic: When you’re ready to give screen casting a try, Screencast-O-Matic was one of the first screencasting tools to be published that’ still around. It works with both the Mac and the PC, and requires no installation. There’s a quick demo video on the home page. You can record and host 15 minute clips for free, and create unlimited clips if you have the Pro version, available for just $15 a year.

PowerPoint’s Voice Annotation Function: Many teachers use PowerPoint slides as a part of their lecturing process. Adding your voice to these slides is pretty easy to do, turning a presentation from a plain set of slides into a self-contained instructional asset that stands alone. This can be a great way to test the waters with flipped content delivery. Get a quick overview of how easy it is to do this in this video.

Wikispaces: If you don’t have somewhere to deliver your content, a Wiki is a great place to start. Creating simple web pages with text, images, videos, links, and more is a snap with Wikispaces. This wiki is very popular with teachers, for good reason.

Online Videos and Classes: This article offers 7 free online education video resources teachers can use when they are looking for videos to help reinforce what they are teaching, or to provide a different perspective. These videos and video courses come from a wide variety of experts and thought leaders, and many provide an entertaining or thought provoking examination of academic topics.

Tackk: An easy tool for creating digital assignments … homework, flipped class content, blended learning lesson material, etc. Tackk is an Internet based application that provides an easy to use interface enabling you to post an image, video, or other content and add some text so you can ask questions or post some other form of assignment. A comments section is automatically available for each piece of content, so there’s an instant discussion forum! View an example Tackk and learn more here.

Creating Engaging Screencasts: The low cost of good quality web cams and the availability of free or relatively inexpensive screencasting applications helps to make the development of video learning content easier than ever. Yet all the free or low cost tools in the world do not inevitably yield good quality results. There is an essential element of technique to be considered. If one is going to invest time and energy (and budget dollars) in tools for the creation of video content, it is highly advisable to learn a bit about how to do what you are doing well. This article, Dozens of Tips & Techniques for Creating High Quality Engaging Screencasts, provides a wealth of insights and ideas to help you make the best of your screencasting efforts. This video is a companion to the article.

Edmodo: Edmodo is a powerful, much loved application in the K-12 world. The rich functionality offered by this education-specific course deliver tool is very impressive for a free (and ad-free) application. Click over to this article, “10 Reasons Why Edmodo is an Excellent (and Hugely Popular) Digital Learning Platform” to dive into the many reasons why you will want to know about Edmodo if you don’t already have a digital learning platform.  This video provides an overview of the article’s content.

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