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5 New Videos About Flipped Learning from Bergmann & Sams

Aaron and Jon are arguably the most recognized proponents of the flipped teaching and learning in the world today. The authors of the bestselling Flip Your Classroom: Reach Every Student in Every Class Every Day and the new Flipped Learning: Gateway to Student Engagement books created these videos in partnership with ASCD, and they were recently published on YouTube.

In these videos, Bergmann and Sams explain the flipped classroom and address considerations and concerns, with their unique blend of clarity, precision, and expert insight. If you’re trying to get someone to understand what flipped instruction is about (or not about), or trying to address obstacles or concerns, these videos can be a great resource and a huge help! Best of all, the are quick and to the point.

What Is the Flipped Classroom?

In about 40 second, Jon explains the flip equates to turning Bloom’s Taxonomy upside down (and that’s a good thing!).

What Does a Flipped Class Look Like?

Aaron explains what he has seen in his flipped classroom … “more active and engaged students and involvement in projects”.

Why the Flipped Classroom Now?

Aaron discusses the move from reading as homework to video as homework as a natural outcome of the evolution of technology.

Top 3 Questions About Flipping Your Classroom

Jon address three big hurdles or questions about flipped teaching – thinking it’s about the videos (it’s not), students who don’t do the homework, and access to content.

Hurdles to Flipping Your Classroom

Jon explains 4 hurdles to flip teaching and learning – what obstacles do we need to overcome to create a successful flip?


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